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  • Swiss Military Boot / Shoe Cleaning Brush, Small

    Swiss Military issued boot and shoe cleaning brush, small type. Wooden handle with stiff bristles. Includes a cotton & stinging nettle fiber cover for the brush head. Cover has textile strap and aluminum button closure. Photo for representative...

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  • Kit 1 Pouch

    Swiss Military Issue Shoe Cleaning Kit, Small

    Swiss military issued shoe / boot care kit. Items are bundled in a cotton & stinging nettle canvas pouch. Pouch has two open pockets to store two rectangular brushes and two compartments, each with their own flap with button closure. Pouches will...

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  • Swiss Army Salt and Pepper Backpack - Large

    Swiss military rucksack, commonly referred to as a "salt and pepper backpack". Has an internal frame. Leather base with leather strapping and a canvas body made of a blend of cotton and nettle fibers. Main compartment has a drawstring top with...

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  • Swiss Military Garment Bag

    Swiss military garment bag, primarily green faux-leather vinyl construction with leather handle. Main zippered compartment. Bag can be used in it's largest configuration or can be folded for more compact carry and storage. Top flap has sets of buckles to...

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  • Swiss Army Stamoid Backpack

    Swiss Army mountain backpack with internal frame. Leather base and straps with a body made of Stamoid, a water resistant fabric. Top storm flap covers the drawstring opening to the main compartment. Small compartment on the front with top storm flap...

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  • Swiss Army Bread Bag

    Swiss Army bread bag. Mostly canvas construction with leather trim. Canvas is a mix of cotton and stinging nettle fibers. Two interior compartments. Adjustable shoulder strap. Previously issued and used. Canvas will have varying amounts of discoloration...

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  • Swiss Military Police Brassard

    Swiss Military Police brassard. This arm band was worn by Swiss Militarpolizei (Military Police) on one arm. As Switzerland is a right-hand-drive country, the brassard is worn on the left shoulder. White brassard with large black P and gray stripe...

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  • Swiss Gas Mask Replacement Lenses

    Replacement lenses for World War II-era Swiss Army gas mask. It's possible these may fit the FEGA C-Maske, however this has not been tested. Lenses are packaged inside a metal case. Top lid is embossed in both German (GASMASKENBRILLE) and French...

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  • Set of Four Swiss Military Field Phones, Model 1953

    Swiss Army Field Telephone model 53 (Armeetelefon Modell 1953), also known as a Desk Telephone Model 53 (Tischtelephon Mod. 53) manufactured by Albiswerk AG (who would later become Siemens). Around 10,400 were manufactured, with 7,400 manufactured from...

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  • Swiss Army Aluminum Medic Canteen with Cup

    Swiss Army medic's canteen. Aluminum bottle, 900mL capacity, with aluminum cup. Pouch is a rubber coated canvas. Leather strap running around the edge of the pouch retains the included aluminum cup and has two d-ring loops for attaching to a belt with...

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  • Swiss Civil Protection ABC Poncho

    Swiss Civil Protection ABC poncho, sealed and dated November 1970. Original poncho issued for civil defense against Atomic, Biological, and Chemical attacks. Instructions in German, French, and Italian. Instructions: Open packaging at seal...

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  • Swiss Army Leather Medical Satchel with Supplies

    Vintage Swiss Army leather first aid satchel with leather strap. The top flap is stamped in the rear with the letters "ASM" in between two Swiss crosses on the left side, "77348" on the right side. The top of the satchel can open up to access the inner...

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