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  • Swiss 12th Mountain Division Helmet

    Swiss model 1918/40 helmet, outside shell is painted white, inner surface is dark. There is some edge wear around the helmet where some paint has been chipped or scratched. There is some scuffing on the upper right side of the helmet. There is light...

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  • Swiss Military M1971 Helmet

    Swiss military model 1971 helmet in issued condition. Green paint with textured surface. Helmet was first issued in 1975 and was in used until 1996. Four pad helmet liner with lace for adjusting size, and four point chin strap. Two ventilation holes at...

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  • Vaud Police Motorcycle Helmet

    Vaud police motorcycle half helmet. White shell with two black stripe decals and a black P decal on the front. Black leather adjustable liner and chin strap. There is half of a zipper strip around 70% of the lip of the liner. Bill on the front and rear...

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  • Swiss Civil Defense M1918/40 Helmet

    Swiss Model 1918/40 Helmet. Helmet is painted bright yellow, both inside and out. Two vent holes at the upper rear. Three-pad leather liner with leather chin strap. Bright yellow helmets were issued for civil defense around the 1960s...

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