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  • Aluminum Muzzle Cover for K11 & K31

    Aluminum muzzle protector for Swiss K11 and K31 carbines. Authentic military issued part. Will exhibit some level of wear. Picture for representation purposes only. Condition of shipped item will be similar in condition.

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  • Swiss Schmidt-Rubin 1889/1911 Rifle Leather Sling

    Original issue leather rifle sling for Swiss Schmidt-Rubin 1889, 1896/11 and 1911 infantry rifles. Snap hook not included. Due to the age of these slings, they will likely do well with a leather recondition regimen. Please select your sling grade: A...

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  • W+F BERN Swiss ZFK 55 Armorer Kit - 03

    This is a Swiss Armorer's Kit for servicing the Swiss ZFK55, the sniper variant of the Swiss K31 rifle. This kit's full contents can be viewed in the provided product photos. This Armorer's kit is in a canvas roll with a metal plate indicating the...

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