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How To Order

We aim to make the order process as simple as possible.

Every firearm for sale is individually listed. We do not use general placeholders nor stock photos, leaving it to the "luck of the draw". You can see exactly what you are purchasing, including photos and a written description of each individual firearm.

We accept online orders only; no phone orders.

Follow these easy steps to get your order underway:

  1. Add items to your Shopping Cart
  2. Complete the Checkout process.
  3. Email us, in reference to your order number, any supporting documents if required for your order.
  4. Stand by for shipping notification with tracking number!

When completing the checkout process, confirm that you are ordering the correct items and that your billing and shipping addresses are entered accurately.

  • Enter your billing address as it appears on your credit card statement. Invalid or incorrect billing information will result in an error.
  • Enter shipping address if different from billing - NO P.O. BOXES, PLEASE!
    • For orders containing Curio and Relic (C&R) firearms, as defined by 27 CFR 478.11, enter the premises address for the Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder that will be receiving your firearm for transfer to you.
    • For orders containing Antique firearms, as defined by 27 CFR 478.11, delivery to an FFL is not required in most cases; enter your desired delivery address.
    • For orders shipping to California, C&R firearms may only be delivered to a Type 01 or 07 FFL.  We cannot deliver to Type 03 FFL in California.
    • All shipping addresses will be validated. Firearms will only ship to the address listed on the Federal Firearms License where applicable.

If you are ordering a firearm or ammunition, you affirm that you are of legal age in your jurisdiction and are not federally prohibited from purchasing and acquiring firearms and ammunition.

If your order contains only antique firearms or accessories:

In MOST states, no action required for antique firearms, stand by for shipping and tracking information via e-mail.
Some states or jurisdictions require that all firearms, regardless of classification, be delivered to an FFL dealer.

If your state has a firearm owner's identification or other program:

Provide a digital copy of your identification or other required certification via email to us at in reference to your order number.

If your order contains ammunition:

You must affirm that you are at least 18 years of age (21 years in some jurisdictions) and are legally able to purchase and own ammunition. Restrictions may apply.

Additional information may be required; please see our Shipping Policy and Ammunition Information pages for more information.

If your order contains a firearm and ammunition, these will be fulfilled in separate shipments as we are unable to ship firearms together with ammunition.

If your order contains firearms classified as Curio & Relic or Modern:

Curio and Relic firearms may be shipped directly to an individual with an 03 FFL (Collector of Curio and Relics) except for California and New Jersey.
Modern firearms may only be shipped to an 01/07 FFL or equivalent.

We will require a copy of your or your dealer's FFL before we can ship your order. You may submit your FFL via email:

  • E-mail a digital copy to with your name and order number in the subject line.

Digital scan is preferred, however a digital photo is acceptable. Document must be signed, dated, legible and high resolution.


If you don't know your FFL dealer's "Premises Address", enter your personal shipping address. Once we receive your dealer's FFL information, your order's Shipping address will be corrected to reflect the FFL Premises Address. C&R and Modern firearm orders will only ship to a verified FFL Premises Address.

Correct FFL documentation will look like this:

Submit FFL Information Within Three (3) Days

FFL Information for orders containing Curio & Relic or Modern firearms must be received within three (3) business days after ordering. Orders without FFL Information received will be cancelled and refunded, less a 4% administrative fee.

Warranty & Return Policy

Please see our Warranty & Return Policy here.

Order Cancellation

Orders that cannot be fulfilled due to non-receipt of required documentation, inability to take delivery in your jurisdiction (i.e. restricted items, magazines with higher capacities than state allows, etc.), etc., will be cancelled and refunded, less a 4% administrative fee.