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  • Scarce W+F Bern Swiss 1882 Cyclist Revolver - sn 32xx

    Exceptionally scarce and authentic Swiss 1882 Cyclist Revolver (Radfahrerrevolver 82). It is a version of the model 1882 Ordnance Revolver made specifically for the Swiss military's Cyclist Corps, having a large, fixed lanyard loop at the bottom of...

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    1863/67 Milbank-Amsler Infantry Rifle - sn 9xxx

    This Swiss 1863/67 Infantry Rifle, manufactured by von Erlach & Company in Thun (Bern, CH), is in good condition with 70% original finish. 3/5 Bore. 2/5 Stock. There was a repair previously performed at the toe of the stock; it has separated from the...

    Was: $1,495.00
    Now: $945.00
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  • Swiss Military Peabody M1867 - sn 1xxx

    Swiss army Engineers Corps Peabody model 1867 manufactured by Providence Tool Company of Providence, Rhode Island. Original US barrel. It is in very good condition with 85% original finish. 1/5 Bore. 5/5 Stock. Stock matching serial number. Forend...

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  • BEURET Freres Swiss Infantry 1842/59/67 w/bayonet - sn 4xxx

    This is a Swiss Infantry Rifle model 1842/59/67 manufactured by BEURET Freres, Lieges (Belgium). It is in very good condition with 95% original finish (non-blued; in the white). 2/5 Bore, 5/5 Stock. Stock matches serial number. BEURET Freres stamp on the...

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  • SIG Vetterli 1868 Prototype - x of 21 - sn 5xx

    This prototype Vetterli 1868 is in excellent condition with 95% original finish. As this is a prototype, the steel was not blued and is correctly in the white. 5/5 Bore. 5/5 Stock. Stock has very limited handling wear and has faint tiger striping. Light...

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