Enter to win a Swiss 96/11 Rifle at Edelweiss Arms!

Enter to win this Swiss 1896/11!

Edelweiss Arms is pleased to offer this Swiss 1896/11 rifle manufactured by Waffenfabrik Bern for the February Gun Giveaway

This Swiss 96/11 infantry rifle being given away was manufactured in 1901 by W+F Bern. That makes this rifle almost 120 years old! Despite its age, it is in very good condition with 85% of its original finish. The bore is shiny with sharp lands and grooves, and the crowning is excellent. Both the bolt and magazine match the receiver's serial number, and the receiver is "P" stamped which means that, after the solder completed his service, he opted to retain his rifle. The rifle was privatized and retired from military service.

The 96/11 was a modernization to the 1889/96 rifle (which was an update to the original Schmidt-Rubin 1889 rifle) to utilize the new GP11 (7.5x55mm Swiss) ammunition, which superseded the older GP90 (7.5x53.5mm Swiss) ammunition. This update saw new barrels and sights to accommodate the new ammunition. A new six round magazine was installed and a pistol grip was also fit to the stock.

To learn more about the Swiss 96/11 in this give away, visit the listing on the Edelweiss Arms website.

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