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W+F Bern Cavalry Vetterli 1878 Cal. .41mm

SKU: 1878-4182
W+F Bern Cavalry Vetterli 1878 Cal. .41mm

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Quick Overview

  • Blue:

  • 95%

  • Bore: 

  • 5/5

  • Stock: 

  • 5/5

  • Bolt Matching S/N: 

  • Yes

  • Mag Matching S/N: 

  • Yes

  • Import Marks:

  • No


Excellent, original 95% blue, 5/5 bore. Slight frosting on the bolt handle. All S/N numbers matching. Beautiful wood. Small handling marks on the stock.

This 1878 model was manufactured by Waffenfabrik Bern for the Swiss Army cavalry troops (dragoons). Approx. 1,700 manufactured.

The Vetterli is a Swiss army service rifle, in service from 1869 to 1889. Swiss Vetterli rifles combined the American Winchester Model 1866's tubular magazine with a regular bolt featuring, for the first time, two opposed rear locking lugs. This novel type of bolt made the Vetterli the first repeating bolt-action rifle to feature a self-cocking action and a small caliber bore. Vetterli rifles were the most advanced military rifles in Europe, at the time of their introduction.

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture Switzerland
Serial No. 4182
Classification Antiques
Caliber .41mm
Manufacturer W+F BERN
Model 1878
Magazine Yes - S/N match
Sights Standard
Bayonet No
Sling No
Cleaning kit No
Import Marks No
Year 1881
Barrel Length 25.65in
Overall Length 43.6in