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View our latest arrivals of antique as well as curio and relic military surplus firearms. List is updated daily so be sure to bookmark this page for reference. 

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    DWM Luger 1900/06 - sn 19xxx

    DWM model 1900/06 Luger in good condition with 90% finish. 1/5 Bore (heavy pitting throughout). This Luger has been refurbished and refinished. The DWM-stamped toggle is non-matching and stamped with "374". The barrel is non-matching,...

    Was: $1,995.00
    Now: $1,495.00
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  • W+F Bern Swiss 06/24 Luger w/ Holster - sn 22xx0

    Swiss 1906/24 Luger, produced in 1923, in excellent condition with 95% finish. 5/5 Bore. Grips matching serial numbers. All visible serial numbers matching. Very good straw finish remaining. Light straw finish wear on the trigger and the safety selector...

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  • W+F Bern Swiss 06/29 Luger w/ Holster & Red Grips - sn 53xxx

    Swiss Luger 1906/29, produced in 1937, in excellent condition with 93% original finish. 5/5 Bore. All visible serial numbers matching. Overall bluing is quite dark. The left side of the frame at the forward edge has light finish wear, and there is light...

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  • DWM Swiss 1900/06 Luger E Prefix w/ Book - sn E7xx

    This is an exceedingly rare E-prefix Swiss Luger model 1900/06 manufactured by Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken (DWM). It is in Excellent Condition with 95% Original Finish. 5/5 Bore. All visible serial numbers are matching to the firearm. Wood...

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