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View our growing collection of militaria for sale, including Swiss Army Backpacks, Field Glasses (Binoculars), Books and Reference Materials, Swiss Military Field Equipment, Helmets, Uniforms, and other Memorabilia.


    Swiss Military Blanket Rifle Case

    Handmade rifle case, manufactured in Switzerland, made out of an authentic Swiss Army issued wool blanket. Inside of the case is PVC truck tarpaulin. With carry handle and shoulder strap. Your choice of a bag either with or without white...

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  • Swiss Military Mess Kit

    Swiss Military Mess Kit

    Swiss Army issued cookware / mess kit (Gamelle / Kochgeschirr). Kidney shaped, aluminum construction. First introduced in 1875, constructed of sheet steel, it was lightened by changing construction to aluminum in...

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  • Swiss M32 Canteen, A Grade, Black, Canteen and Cup separated

    Swiss Army M32 Canteen with Cup

    Swiss Army M32 canteen with cup. Aluminum construction can and cup with cork stopper. Cork stopper has a rope retention which is tied to the canteen. The same length of rope is also used to retain the drinking cup by looping around a stud on the...

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  • Swiss SIG P210 Web Belt

    Swiss SIG P210 Web Belt

    Cotton web belt with metal buckle. Leather tab at the end of the webbing. Buckle features an image of the iconic SIG P210, the Swiss cross, and "1949" for the year the P210 first entered service. Belt measures 130cm (about 51") in length. Photo for...

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  • Swiss Army Kepi - First Lieutenant

    Swiss Army Kepi - First Lieutenant

    Swiss Army Kepi cap. Striping indicates Officer rank of First Lieutenant (German: Oberleutnant, French: Premier-lieutenant). Photo for representative purposes and depicts an A Grade model.   A Grade: Clean with limited wear.B Grade: May...

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  • Swiss Army Flashlight - TaLa 80

    Swiss Army Flashlight - TaLa 80

    Swiss Army issue flashlight, model Taschenlamp 80 (TaLa 80). Made with a steel case and features a setting for Morse code. The lens is clear for white light, and also includes colored filters to produce red and green lights. 4.5V battery not included...

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  • Swiss Leather Ammo Pouch

    Swiss Leather Ammo Pouch

    Swiss leather pouch for holding magazine chargers. Will hold the magazine chargers for the Swiss 1889, 1896/11, 1911, K11, and K31 straight pull rifles. Two chargers per compartment; four total. This is for the pouch only; no chargers are included. A...

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